Testimonials & Transformations


I have been training with James for about 3 years now. I have always been motivated to train hard and get to the gym every week but I felt like the results weren't coming fast enough.

Since training with James my body fat has dropped from 12% to 7% and I feel great! James writes me challenging training programs every month and always makes sure it is tailored to meet my goals. We follow strength training cycles, muscle mass and cutting cycles to ensure sessions are always bang on the money and my body is always responding.

My dead lift, squat and bench are the strongest they've ever been by far, I have more muscle mass than I've ever had and I'm leaner than I was when I was 20! I'm 43 now and I'm in the best shape of my life, and it's all down to James's expert knowledge and guidance.

If you are serious about changing your physique and taking your routine to the next level then I strongly recommend training with James.


    Exercise has always been important to me for not only my physical health but also my mental health.

    I signed up to train with James (‘the Boss’ as I like to call him) for five weeks to lose the 5kg I gained since moving to the UK. I reached my weight loss goal within four weeks. That was eight months ago!

    Since then I’ve achieved things I didn’t think were possible. I’ve run three 10km races with a PB of 43:20, came 4th in the UK in FitBrit, and continually reach milestones in weigh-lifting and speed. This couldn’t have been achieved without the coaching from James. His confidence in me and my abilities helped me feel confident. Not usually being a fan of the gym, I really enjoy our sessions. James tailors a workout to suit me and my goals. They are based around crossfit workouts which are varied and interesting, always pushing me to the next level. I love redoing a workout from previous months only to discover I can do it quicker and/or with heavier weights. James has even had me doing crossfit workouts in the pool. Before getting me to do it the first time, he did the same workout two days before – I like that he doesn’t get me to do anything he hasn’t already tried out.

    In 2015, I’m participating in two triathlons and many more 10kms (hopefully in sub 42 minutes). I also want to enter a crossfit competition. And I’ll continue to be coached by James, receiving the best advice in diet, training and encouragement.


      I was one of those people who never thought I'd pay for a personal trainer.... I did what I thought was a reasonable amount of exercise and rode my bike a lot (even in the odd race) but was slowly gaining weight and didn't have any real goals (or think I needed them).

      I had two free PT sessions with my gym membership which I saw as a great freebie and good way to get to know equipment I didn't use. I still had no intention of actually paying for PT.

      However James seemed to know exactly the right balance of encouragement and pushing me to get the best out of me. He gave me much needed advice (lectures) on my diet, and a training plan to work on on other days and it's now 14 months on and I'm still having PT every week, I've lost 10kg, am the lightest I've been since I was 20, I got a PB of 48m28s in a 10k race and am enjoying realising I can be stronger, slimmer and quicker!


        When I started seeing James I'd hardly exercised for 10 years, mainly because I never seemed to find the time, but also because I didn't really enjoy it. Thinking back, it's also amazing to remember how little I knew about how to live healthily!

        That's all completely changed since I stated seeing James. He's is an absolutely fantastic trainer because he has a genuine passion for what he does, plus a deep knowledge of fitness. He's a great coach, who offers encouragement alongside practical advice on improving technique. This means our sessions are always varied and enjoyable, along with being exhausting! I can honestly say I've never had two PT sessions that were the same in the past 4 years!

        Outside of our sessions, James has encouraged me to also find time to exercise regularly on my own and coached me on improving my diet. I now eat far more healthy, but I'm also able to eat the things I enjoy. Above all, James is an incredibly nice guy, and I would encourage absolutely anyone to try a session with him!

          More Testimonials

          • I've been using the gym on-and-off for over a decade. Needing to loose a few pounds for my wedding, and with a fairly vague goals of being 'a bit healthier', I thought a PT would be a good idea. This is when I met James.

            Four months on and I have lost body fat, as intended. However, there's a lot more that's changed. I'm stronger, my cardio vascular fitness has improved and am enjoying exercises which I never thought I'd try (especially dead lifts!). I'd highly recommend James to anyone who is serious about becoming fitter. He's a natural motivator who uses a very effective combination of short / long term goals to track progress and show successes. He also knows what he's talking about as someone who clearly views fitness as a lifestyle and not a day job. James has helped me tremendously - thank you!

          • I decided back in August that I needed to do something about my fitness. Having played netball for 20 years, and rugby for three, but stopped playing in March when I moved away from the area. I decided in August I needed to do something about my fitness as I was feeling very unfit and flabby. A colleague of mine was already training with James and sang his praises so I decided to give him a try.

            I can honestly say that if you told me four months ago I'd be able to do the type of exercises I do now I wouldn't have believed you. Not only do I feel fitter, and my body shape has definitely improved, but I've now got more of an understanding about my diet and the impact different food types have - that doesn't mean I'm obsessed with my diet, more that I can make an informed choice and that's all thanks to James.

          • I started working out with James two months ago, and it fair to say I haven’t looked back. I leave each session exhausted but invigorated and looking forward to the next (despite the fact that sometimes if feels as if I’ll never make it to the end !). For me, one of the best things about James is the energy and forethought he brings each time we meet. He’s always prepared with a slightly different programme, so while the exercises can be familiar, I never get bored or complacent. James is passionate about fitness and diet, and that really comes across – I’ve worked with other PTs in the past, but with James I really feel as if he’s setting me up for long term fitness as opposed to a short burst to hit some quick goals.

          • I have been training with James since spring 2012 and he has been not only a great personal trainer, but also an amazing fitness advisor. Whether I am looking to build up muscle or get lean, he always changes my exercise routine and diet, so that I can quickly see results. In addition to this, James has suggested the right supplements to get the best out of my workouts, which have been extremely helpful to achieve my fitness goals more quickly.

            I have never enjoyed so much training and keeping a healthy life as of now and James has been part of this journey to ensure I don't give up and always stays focused on my objectives!

          • I have been training with James for 4 years now. I'm approaching 50 but he has been instrumental in making me feel about 30! I am stronger than I've ever been and instead of seeing a fat and flabby body in the mirror, I can actually see muscle and definition.

            At heart I like running and have never wanted to spend time in the gym. However, what James does is finds ways of motivating me to always be there, pushing myself and trying new things I normally wouldn't do. As a result my running technique and race times have improved as well as my confidence and self esteem.

            James really gets to know you as an individual, he knows how to push the right buttons and adjust the routine depending on how he sees you on the day...often being stuck at work or on trains I can arrive for the session late, angry and stressed, but I always leave feeling so much better. He gets the days stresses and strains out my body.

            He's a nice guy too; other trainers I see go through the motions of training clients in a more mechanical way. James has the edge on them because he cares about his clients, he supports me in my fitness goals and has also become a good friend in the process.

          • I am a 40 something year old woman who has been training with James for a while now and I am pleased to say I have never felt fitter or stronger. James motivates me and pushes me to reach goals that I was sure I couldn't reach when I started. Every session I end up achieving so much more than if I had trained on my own.

            He really knows his stuff and focuses on technique and so I know I train properly. James pays attention - he doesn't spend all his time looking in the mirror! - and plans our sessions in advance, so I reach my goals and we make the most of our time. I am not a huge fan of the gym but James motivates me to turn up and I know I will work really hard and be pushed to my limits, in a good way. I have lost weight and my body shape has really changed, my legs and arms are smaller and no more bingo wings! I am toned and muscular and that feels great.

            James is a nice bloke too; he is reliable and doesn't miss sessions and we do lots of different routines so it keeps me motivated and engaged. But I also really like the way he keeps a record of what I do and on occasions we repeat a session I have done before and compare times and weights so I can really see the progress I've made. If you want to feel great and fit and don't mind working hard, then James is the trainer for you.

          • I have worked with some very good personal trainers over the past 10 years or so but James has been able to take my training and fitness to a new level. The results speak for themselves – I am achieving higher weights than ever before, I have more stamina to do demanding sessions and my fat ratio has reduced from around 15% to just above 12%. James has helped in three main ways:

            1. He has been able to increase weights over time, especially on chest press, deadlifts, leg press and squats, while maintaining variety and a focus on good technique. In fact, I have achieved weights that I would never have thought possible.

            2. He has devised imaginative programmes derived from a range of workouts – cross fit, boxing, circuits, cardio etc – which are challenging and have constantly pushed me ahead. Over time, I have been able to increase my speed and stamina in running, cycling, burpees and other routines, and achieve good technique and impressive results through cleans and jerks etc. The sets can really push me to my limit but the results are great and gradually the body catches up!

            3. James is a good coach. He pushes for results but never sacrifices increasing weight or pace of workouts at the expense of quality or my confidence in what I can do. In our training sessions, he encourages, pushes and supports in equal measure. His advice on my own training and diet etc in between our PT sessions is also very helpful.

            Overall, James is knowledgeable and passionate about training. This shows through his commitment to his own fitness and training and in the energy he bring to sessions with his clients.

          • James ensures that there is a purpose to all training sessions which is matched by the intensity required to see results.

            The programmes and goals set by him take into consideration your lifestyle and if you are lazy! (like me!) James ensures that the interest levels are maintained to continue training and getting results week after week. Outside of the training sessions, James is very helpful if ever you have any questions regarding supplements, nutrition etc.

            I would recommend training with him wholeheartedly!

          • I have been training for years without ever really achieving my personal goals. Training with James over the past year and a half has provided me with great results. The fitness sessions are hard work but enjoyable. The variety of the workouts has been essential to maintain interest and effort. James also looked at my diet and gave me useful nutritional advice along with a balanced plan consistent with my training goals. Since looking into my diet I have recently lost over 3kg and reduced my body fat down to 12%. My fitness levels have increased and I am also enjoying exercise a lot more. I know it's not a quick fix but in the last year I have steadily made progress and now the results are coming faster. I think the most important things I've learned from James are technique and variety. I would never have learned the correct techniques and the range of exercises from magazines and books. I'm often lifting relatively smaller weights but doing things properly to visibly get results and to feel stronger. James's knowledge and experience has been invaluable.