Client Experience


The journey to Evolve your fitness begins with an initial consultation. I believe it's essential to get to know my clients inside and out. Training sessions are always uniquely designed to fit the clients experience level, personality and lifestyle. Evolve training aims to provide fun, challenging and motivating training programs that are underpinned by the sustainable results. Once a clients background, experience level and training goals have been assessed a progressive program is created. The client is then taken through the whole program in detail, explaining proper technique for every sets, intensity and resistance. At Evolve it is number one priority that a client is 100% confident and happy with every aspect of the program before starting out.


To support effective training sessions it is imperative to Evolve a clients nutritional knowledge and practices. The initial consultation process looks at dietary habits, the impact of clients lifestyle has on eating patterns, the types of food the client likes or dislikes and so on. Once all this information is collated an individualised nutritional program is created, unique to the client and designed to deliver results in a realistic and sustainable way. The approach taken to guarantee results is to calculate a clients daily energy requirements and manipulate food intake around this figure depending upon a clients specific goals. Through the use of a food log app or a structured bespoke 7 day meal plan eating a balanced and consistent diet is made easy. At Evolve it is absolutely essential that the client is given nutritional support that has enough flexibility to work for them in the 'real world' on a day to day basis.


As a sports science graduate with specific research experience on the effectiveness of supplement use in combination with training. I can help Evolve your supplement use to support hard training. I can help Evolve your supplement use to support hard training. Supplements are always advised to be used to support sound nutritional practices and never to replace any macro or micro nutrient lacking through diet. There are 1000's of supplements on the market and it's often difficult to know what is worth buying, how much to use, how often to use it and so on. Recommendations to clients are always based on independent scientific reviews first and further informed by my own personal experience. At Evolve you can guarantee that any supplement advice is backed by multiple sound scientific reviews.


To Evolve your physique and ensure that your body shape changes in the way you want it to, regular anthropometric testing is carried out throughout the whole training process. Weight, body fat, circumference measurements and progress photos are used to inform our progress and ensure we are delivering results month after month.